Tanzania Animal Welfare Society is registered non-profit organization with registration number (00/NGO/0492) which works to fight against all forms of animal cruelty and advocates public awareness campaigns on Animal Welfare in Tanzania.

We address societal causes for poor animal welfare through advocacy of legislations and public awareness campaigns, humane animal education in schools and finding immediate improvement, handling and control of stray animals.

Tanzania Animal Welfare Society (TAWESO) has been providing free of charge services in poor villages in Tanzania in respect to Dog and Cat sterilization, vaccination against rabies disease and veterinary care to stray and neglected animals.
TAWESO depends on donations from people and organizations to be able to carry out the programmes and reach more suffering animals in the country.

Tanzania Animal Welfare Society (TAWESO) is a non- profit, non-governmental organization registered in Tanzania with a major aim of promoting animal welfare in Tanzania. We are a group of people (veterinarians, teachers, members of community, agricultural workers) working currently mainly on volunteer basis. The Government does not provide funding to civil societies. TAWESO is grass root community organization registered on 18th of April, 2008.
We are volunteer organization devoted to help animals by fighting against all forms of animal cruelty. In Tanzania, animal welfare is not a priority to many people as they are faced with many other life challenges like street children, extreme poverty and hunger and therefore our society is working hard on various animal programmes- Delivery of animal health care, Dog and cat population control, Working Donkey Welfare, Humane Education in order to improve the welfare of street and housed animals in the country. We have representatives in 4 regions of Tanzania in Mwanza, Dodoma, Cost Region and headquarters in Dar es salaam city.

TAWESO has been participated in various local and international animal welfare training, activities and conferences through scholarships like Animal Care Expo 2009 in Las Vegas through Humane Society international Scholarship, Spay Day International, International Training at Dogs trust (UK), Africa Animal Welfare Network, World Animal Days Activities.

Veterinary outreach in a poor village area in Dar es salaam.

  • # Delivery of animal health care to stray animals and other neglected animals

  • # Increase responsible pet ownership and reducing number of abandoned companion animals and management stray animals by finding suitable homes in order to prevent their necessary destruction

  • # Increase awareness of humane education in schools, institutions and the public

  • # Encourage and extend environmental conservation since some animals obtain their living from the environment surrounding them

  • # Educate the public against long distance transportation of animals by trekking or overcrowded in vehicles and advice on provision of feed and water during their journey

  • # Providing relief to animals in distress from man-made or natural disasters e.g. floods, earth quakes, fire outbreaks

  • # Advocating against commercial exploitation and destruction of wildlife e.g. cruel management and killing of wild animals for food and products

  • # Advice on handling of working animals e.g. donkeys, oxen, mules that their yokes and carts are taken care not to harm the animals skin and provision of necessary requirements e.g. water, feed and rest

  • # Fighting against use of explosives in fishing industry in Tanzania in order to avoid indiscriminate killing of fish and other aquatic animals and plants

  • # Investigation of animal cruelty and law enforcement

  • # Provision of veterinary services where we provide general health check and treatments, vaccinations, neutering /spaying, injury treatment

Veterinary care to a street dog
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