Tanzania Animal Welfare Society has a number of projects and programmes, here on this site you can read more about these initiatives.

Awarded to: Tanzania Animal Welfare Society
World Animal Day grant, sponsored by Naturewatch Foundation, funded a project in the Mpwapwa district in the central part of Tanzania. Its aim was to improve the health and welfare of working donkeys and bring about permanent change for roaming animals, allowing people and animals to live in harmony. Veterinary care was provided to donkeys, dogs and cats in respect to vaccination against rabies, sterilisation of dogs and cats, de-worming, wound treatment and all presenting diseases.
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Winner of the World Animal Day Grant this year is the Tanzania Animal Welfare Society

Naturewatch Foundation also launched the World Animal Day Grant

Dogs and cats population control project in Kinondoni municipality, Dar es salaam, Tanzania)

The big fix Gulu at Tanzania Animal Welfare Society (TAWESO)

Report of the world animal day 2012

Global Vets 2012 Volunteer Programme

Donkey harness and animal health project report

TAWESO-World Spay Day 2012 report

Dar Es Salaam flood disaster: Post floods animal help report

Flood disasters in Dar Es salaam, Tanzania

American volunteers at TAWESO

Global Vets 2011 voluteer programme at TAWESO

Animal Care Expo 2011

Military bomb blasts in Dar Es Salam Tanzania

Morogoro sterilization and vaccination project

Spayday International 2011


World Rabies Day 2010

World Animal Day 2010

Tanzania: Tanzania – Surgeries under a tree

Tanzania: Chui inspires an ABC program

The press about TAWESO

Teaching compassion and finding sustainable solutions – colloquium gives hope to the donkeys of Tanzania

Community humane education and education in primary schools

Delivery of animal health care

The Street Animal Control Programme (SAC)

Delivery of animal health care

Promotion of Plant Based Diet in the Community

Donkey Welfare Project

Policy and advocacy

Dog and cat population

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