The Tanzania Animal Welfare Society (TAWESO) is a registered Non-Government Organization (NGO) that works to improve the welfare of all animals in Tanzania.

We mainly work on a volunteer basis and have few employed staff members. We operate in four country zones: Coast, Central, Southern, and Lake.

The main animal welfare challenges

  • Lack of animal welfare awareness among children and communities
  • Dogs, cats, and donkeys are the most neglected animals with respect to vaccinations and veterinary care and so rabies is endemic and brutal killing of dogs and cats is common
  • Donkeys are overworked, overloaded, work without harness or using oxen yokes and carts, beaten and abused, thus their lifespan becomes short; they carry water, work in fields, brick kilns, and Gold mines (carry logs, ores)
  • Donkey skin and meat trade causing horrible welfare to donkeys from collection and transportation and at abattoirs; also, donkeys are always stolen, leaving the rural desperate as the animals are the main means of livelihood
  • Animal Welfare Act of 2008 is not well enforced
  • Selling of dogs in streets in some towns is a big problem as they stay in the sun without water or food
  • Transportation of animals is very horrible, always overcrowded, injured, and some die on the way